Moths working overtime.

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By timheitzman

While we’ve been coping with lockdowns and work from home and other pandemic realities, hungry moths have been at work on our cashmere and wool garments. Moths thrive undisturbed, and our closets have provided an ideal breeding, and eating, environment. Moth damage is repairable, especially worthwhile if the garment is cherished or valuable, but can be expensive. Reweaving, an almost-lost art, can provide an almost invisible repair, but ask us for an estimate first. Decorative darning right over the hole(s) may be a more affordable solution, especially if you’re crafty. How to avoid the problem? Moths hate cedar — add blocks, strips or spray to your closet. Or use pheromone traps. Thoroughly clean garments before storing, and move clothes around regularly to shake out moths and moth larvae.

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