Household checklist, 2

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By timheitzman

Spring cleaning, part two

Needlepoint and Pillows

Look closely for body oil and smudges. Take them outside to see them under sunlight. Untreated facial and body oil can stain fabrics, over time, causing spots to oxidize and turn dark.

Bedspreads and Cushion Covers

These should be drycleaned or washed every month or so, as needed. They can also gather facial and body oil, in addition to collecting airborne dust and other debris. Inspect closely under bright light, especially if someone you know eats in bed.

Drapes and Curtains

These can be downright overwhelming because of weight and bulk, but they must be vacuumed, drycleaned or steam cleaned at least every two years, if not sooner, depending on cooking habits, furnace care, fireplace use, in-house smoking.

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