Do you know about these simple household tips?

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By brightleaf

Static Electricity, which worsens in the winter, can be improved:

  • By misting the “electrified” fabric with a bit of water
  • By wetting your hands and lightly wiping the affected areas
  • By applying a light mist of anti-static spray

Diluted vinegar is an acid-based cleaner that can do good and bad things:

  • White vinegar can clean and disinfect bathroom fixtures and trims
  • It can help “neutralize” alkaline products such as ammonia and mild bleaches
  • Vinegar can also actually “etch” or “dull” polished limestone and travertine

In a pinch, household fabrics with sheen or a shine can be safely pressed:

  • By using a fabric steamer
  • By placing a teflon cover over the face of your iron
  • By placing a press cloth or a thin fabric between the iron and the garment

Rust marks on cement, shower curtains and metal objects can be removed:

  • By applying a product called “Magica” to the affected area
  • By being patient and allowing Magica to “seep” into the affected area
  • By using a toothbrush to remove heavier rust deposits

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