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Content marketing is no longer a buzzword. It’s not a channel on its own, either. Rather, content marketing should be the foundation of your overall integrated strategy, and the key to creating a meaningful value exchange with consumers.

Our content marketing methodology combines a keen understanding of your audience, a cohesive and compelling storytelling strategy across all channels, and a commitment to the authenticity that drives impactful, positive results. Rise helps brands and customers speak the same language.

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Determine Personas

If we to market directly to a consumer or client, we must understand exactly who that is. So creating a persona is very important.

Design & Developement

After we understand who are marketing to, and what we’re up against, we integrate the text, images, video and other content to stay in line with our plan.

Content Planning

Understanding your current content versus your competitors content allows us to create a strategy that will beat theirs every time.

Launch & Market

After assessing all our cards are lined up content and persona wise, we ensure all our organic and social sharing activities are in line for effective results.

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